INVEST IN LinkedIn Sales Funnels For Blue Coast Savings Consultants Coaching For 12 monthly payments of US$297

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Membership site access on all devices
  • ​HelpDesk And Knowledge Library
  • ​Membership site with content that is drip-fed to you. Learn at a specific, already-tested rate that overload and gives you the right skills at the right time. A mix of video, text, and documents is used to cater for all learning types.
  • HelpDesk and Knowledge Base - you will be able to raise unlimited support tickets whenever you meet a roadblock or challenge. Plus, when there is work to be reviewed, you will submit it and feedback will be given in a timely manner. The knowledge base can also act as a library of advice and answers to any roadblocks. 
  • Free monthly updates to your membership of new tactics or refined strategies as LinkedIn itself evolves. I do the testing so you don’t have to! You get the end result in your membership site in the form of new lessons monthly.
  • Technology support - we have experts available from 7am to 7pm EST LIVE to answer any technical questions you may have. This provides total support for those who are simply not good with technology and need that extra assistance not hand-holding to get through. This is unlimited support, and even involves sessions where you can integrate our program with other software you may wish to use in your sales funnel such as off LinkedIn automated emailing software.
  • Weekly Live Q&A’s to attend for 9 weeks. Every Tuesday night 7pm EST for 1.5 hours, attend a LIVE session with Tyron. Any distinctions, extra questions, support or points you want reinforced are done LIVE with Tyron.
  • ​Weekly Q&A recordings are put into your membership with SHOW NOTES, so you can quickly find the topics of interest and review just those.​​​
  • 9 more Q&A’s (one per month) to attend after the initial 9 Weeks continuous build and implementation phase of the coaching.


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All payments are non-refundable due to the release of IP provided in this program. By proceeding TO PURCHASE you are agreeing not to request a refund and are aware of a non-refund policy. This program achieves some very specific outcomes with your profile. IT IS A TOTALLY OUTCOME FOCUSED PROGRAM. DON’T BUY UNLESS YOU ARE EXECUTING.



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